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Description Xpeng G3 electric car

The cost of an electric car FOB Shanghai - from 18150 dollars

The car is produced in the body of an SUV (crossover) and has the following overall dimensions and weight:

  • length - 4450 mm;
  • width - 1820 mm;
  • height - 1600 mm;
  • wheelbase - 2625 mm;
  • curb weight - 1609 kg.

Front suspension - MacPherson type, rear suspension - semi-independent torsion beam.

The Xpeng G3 premium electric car is one of the most modern and advanced developments of the Chinese auto industry. This car is called the Tesla Chinese, which is no wonder since their design is extremely similar.

    Space iconic design

    The futuristic design of the G3, with iconic star-inspired elements, was awarded the prestigious iF 2019 global design award. The G3 takes futuristic design aesthetics to the next level. The characteristic shark nose, combined with the ideal height-to-width ratio of the body, further reduces its wind resistance to 0.29Cd, reaching the best level in its class. Smooth sporty lines with powerful performance make this set complete.

    Panoramic space style cockpit

    The G3 Interstellar Cockpit brings the world closer to you with a wide-angle view. Equipped with a 1,889m panoramic Saint-Gobain front glass, a 12.3" high-resolution LCD instrument panel and a 15.6" smart console, the G3 redefines your driving experience.

    But not only in design there is a similarity with Tesla, in terms of manufacturability, the Xpeng G3 is also not much inferior to its direct competitor.

      Large capacity battery

      With a power of 57.5 or 66.7 kW and a high density of 180 W / kg, the battery has exceptional safety features. High-strength outer shell and inner flame-retardant design, confirmed by rigorous testing before installation, make driving safer. Supercharging capability means your G3 will have a full week of charge by the time you finish your breakfast.

      Electric vehicle battery charging time:

      • Slow charging of the battery from a household single-phase network with a voltage of 220 volts will provide a full charge of the battery in 5 hours
      • Fast DC battery charging , battery charge from 30% to 80% in 38 minutes .

        High strength body structure

        The body structure of the G3 is 70% high strength steel with heavy duty steel sheet (980-1180MPa) at 6.7%, thermoformed steel sheet at 7.5% and a light high strength aluminum front sunroof. alloy. It provides armor for your protection.


        Six airbags provide full protection for passengers from all directions in the event of a collision. The airbags deploy instantly in the event of a collision to minimize possible injury.

        Electric car from China

        Intelligent security system

        The Xpeng G3 is the first vehicle to feature the Bosch ESP 9.3 electronic stabilization system. Compared with ESP version 9.1, the accuracy of the sensor is improved by 33 times due to the higher intervention speed, which effectively prevents any control incidents. G3 is your reliable companion.

        Specification Xpeng G3 electric car

        Battery heating/cooling system Yes
        Driving range km 460
        Battery capacity kW*h 57.5
        Drivetrain type Front
        Electric motor power kW 197
        Maximum speed km/h 170
        Number of electric motors 1
        Fast charging Yes
        Electric motor torque N·m 300
        0-50km/h acceleration time (s) -
        Roof rack (rails) No
        Fog light LED
        Daytime running lights Yes
        Windows and mirrors
        Sunroof No
        Rear privacy windows Yes
        Driver support systems
        TPMS Yes
        Seats and steering wheel
        Heated steering wheel
        Seat massage
        Ventilated seats No
        Heated seats Yes
        Seat material Leather
        Electric seat adjustment Yes
        Seat memory Yes
        Power trunk Yes
        Wireless phone charging No
        Safety equipment
        Driver/passenger front airbag Yes
        Front/rear side airbags Yes
        Front/rear curtains Yes
        LCD instrument panel Yes
        External audio interface USB
        Sensor LCD screen Yes
        Availability on order
        Year of issue 2019

        Our office is located in China, so we can sell you and send an electric car to any country in the world. We have an official export license. Please use our contacts in the header of the site. Delivery to Ukraine, Moldova, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Turkey, Greece, Spain, etc.

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